Finance Tips from your South Austin Apartments

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Whether you’re saving up for some new furniture at your apartments on William Cannon or you just want to have more money left in your account at the end of the month, this week’s blog should help you accomplish your savings goals. We’re not going to tell you to stop eating out altogether, and we’re not going to tell you do start driving for a ride sharing app to make extra money, but we do have some tips that are easy and effective at helping you save more and spend less.


There are a lot of apps and digital services out there that are designed to help people save without really trying, but sometimes old school savings methods are the best methods. In the list below, we’ll tell you about both the tried and true methods and the new age methods of saving. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the list below! Oh, and when you’re done reading, please be sure to share the link to this post with your friends and neighbors at Canvas — the apartments South Austin residents choose for upscale comfort and convenience.


Try an app like Chime, Digit or Acorns


The nice thing about using apps to save money is that they often set money aside without you ever really noticing that it’s gone. Both Digit and Acorns do this by taking small amounts of money out your bank account and storing them in a seperate account. Digit puts the money in a savings account that you can access at any time, and Acorns rounds up the change from every purchase you make and puts the money in an investment portfolio. Chime is kind of the same thing, except it comes with a debit card that rounds up the change from your purchases and deposits the money in a savings account. Try one or try them all and save as much as possible!


Remind yourself of your savings goals


This is a super easy, super important tip that can have a huge impact on how much motivation you have to save money. If you’re saving up for a vacation, try putting a picture of your destination on your desk at work or on the dashboard in your car. If you’re trying to have more money in your account at the end of the month, write a little note reminding yourself how good it feels to have extra money between paychecks. These little reminders will prevent you from making impulse purchases, and they’ll motivate you to make smart financial decisions!


Try using cash


When you come across people who use credit cards a lot more than they use cash, they do that to earn points. That works for some people as a way to earn free money, but for other people, credit cards just cause them to spend more without noticing. When you use cash, you actually feel the pain of losing money when you buy something. That pain matters!


We’re all out of financial tips for y’all this week, but we’ll be back in a couple weeks with another post! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read the latest blog, residents. We hope that the tips in this week’s blog help you reach your savings goals as quickly as possible! If you enjoyed this blog and want to see more like it in the future, please be sure to bookmark the blogs page so you’ll have easy access to it when the next post goes live. While you wait for that to happen, you can stay up to date and informed about everything happening at your South Austin apartments by following Canvas on social media.

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