Top Dog Parks near your Apartments on William Cannon

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Top Dog Parks near your Apartments on William Cannon

Your community of apartments on William Cannon is located close to some of the best dog parks in Austin, which means it’s located near some of the best dog parks in the country. Seriously, is there anything this city loves more than dogs, except perhaps tacos? We’re lucky to live in a city that provides so many resources for our four-legged friends.


Our community is pet-friendly too, and our apartments in 78745 are so pet-friendly that you’ll never want to leave this area code to take care of your pup. However, that might change after you read this blog post. Below, we describe the three best dog parks in town. Two of them are located right near the water and another is conveniently located in the beautiful Travis Heights neighborhood.


Red Bud Isle


Not only is Red Bud Isle one of the best dog parks in Austin, in may well be one of the best dog parks in all of America. It’s just a shame that your dog will never know this amazing facts. Red Bud Isle is a little off the beaten path, but it’s well worth the trip to West Austin to find it.


The only downside to taking your dog to Red Bud Isle is dealing with the limited parking. There are only about 12 spaces in the parking lot, which means you may end up waiting in line to park once you arrive. If you go at the right time, however — think middle of the day or early in the morning—you’ll be able to enjoy Red Bud Isle hassle-free.


The park is basically one long loop around the isle. You’ll be right next to water almost the entire time, and the city has built some lovely cement structures along the water so dogs can jump in and get out easily. Red Bud Isle is awesome for your dog, but it’s also an awesome place to kayak if you’re into that sort of thing. You’ll likely see plenty of kayakers while you’re there.


Auditorium Shores


If Red Bud Isle is off the beaten path, the dog park at Auditorium Shores is smack dab in the middle of the beaten path. You probably know about the awesome views of downtown that you can find at Auditorium shores, but unless you’ve ventured all the way down almost to South Lamar Blvd, you haven’t seen the dog park. Most of the green space at Auditorium Shores is not meant for off-leash activity, but there’s a slice of land on the west side where it’s okay to let your dog run around freely.  


Norwood Estate


The final dog park on our list is a more classic dog park, but an average dog park in Austin is a spectacular dog park in any other cities. All you have to do to get there is go up to South Congress (or 35, if you’re crazy) and try to find some parking up in Travis Heights. Norwood Dog Park is separated into a park for small dogs and a park for big dogs, so you can make sure your dog is surrounded by other dogs of similar size. The dog owners are generally friendly and talkative, so leave the headphones at home and make some new friends while you’re exercising your pup!


Thanks for reading our latest blog post! We’re always happy to help our residents discover new places to take their dogs. If you liked this post, be sure to check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog goes live. Also, don’t forget to follow Canvas on social media to stay up to date with everything going on at the community of apartments South Austin residents prefer.

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